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“It has been snowing since November,

the earliest winter that I can remember,

and the most wonderful season is about to enter.

hence, people are all over the shopping center.

But have you had any clue,

the best gift you could do,

is not something you buy expensive brand-new,

nor even tickets to visit the huge Tallinn Zoo…

A best present of them all, I suppose

only true dog-parent know,

returning home after freezingly windy storms,

to be met by your cute wigly tail with wetty nose,

who is always ready to do tricks or to pose,

if you have any treats in your pockets, of course.

Dog brings you a pure happiness overdose,

he is there by your side through all your highs and lows.

make sure you remember keeping him close,

because through ever you go, he also goes.

Yes, holidays are there to be together with those,

with whom unintentionally even time slows.

prepare the warm tea and comfortable home clothes,

the miracle is coming on the tippy-toes.”

Pildi kujundaja: Eva Labotkin

Luuletuse autor: Victoria Skly

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