Animal Friends Croatia: Horvaatia laulja IFEEL salvestab plaati, mis on pühendatud loomaõigulusele

07.03.2012 Horvaatia laulja IFEEL salvestab plaati, mis on pühendatud loomaõigulusele. Why I Do It on plaadi debüütlugu, mis võtab kokku, miks ta selle teemalist muusikat teeb. Pala annab aimu põhjustest,...


Horvaatia laulja IFEEL salvestab plaati, mis on pühendatud loomaõigulusele. Why I Do It on plaadi debüütlugu, mis võtab kokku, miks ta selle teemalist muusikat teeb. Pala annab aimu põhjustest, mis nii loomaõiguslasi kui ka loomakaitsjaid loomade eest seisma paneb. Kuula lugu, vaata videot ja loe lisa:


Animal Friends Croatia presents a new animal rights video

Animals. No choice. No voice. No more. If they could talk, what would they say to us?

IFEEL creates music to give voice to the voiceless beings we call animals. His intention is to help express the inner life of animals through music and videos, to show their feelings and make us feel them, even for just a few moments. He delicately digs deep with his razor-sharp vision and explores the relationship between animals and humans. No holds barred.

Most of the songs are written from a point of view of an animal. “I do that so I could express what they cannot: their fears and happiness, their anger and joy, disappointment and gratitude, their confusion, their inner life,” says IFEEL. “I am disgusted by the way that animals have been so cleverly and viciously reduced to a number on a production line. They have become objects for pleasure, for food, for fun. It can’t go on like this.”

IFEEL hopes to inspire his listeners to stop and listen and really feel the animals around them, to hear their stories. He speaks to everyone, from animal lovers to animal rights activists, from people who like being around animals to those who never thought much about animals. He even speaks to animals within us. IFEEL plans to help animal shelters and animal sanctuaries through his music as well. “There are so many awesome places and people who do amazing things for the animals. I want to help them with my music and ideas.” Several projects are on the way.

Although IFEEL does not eat meat, he does not force vegetarianism on his listeners. His music does, however, make one question their lifestyle choices. “Smart, informed people can make smart, informed decisions for themselves. Once you know exactly what you are eating, you can decide if that is good for your own health, for animals and for the planet. You will feel good or bad, your mind and body will tell you. I personally don’t eat animals because I believe they are not here to be bred, tortured or bled for us. Also, healthy, balanced diet is important to me, so I choose carefully what I eat. Modern-day vegetarians are no longer weak, malnourished and pale. We kick ass in the gym, eat good and feel great!”

Each song is a story. Every song on the album will be accompanied by a background story, a description of what is taking place in the song. Animals in these songs express their feelings and thoughts. They express their pain, they are angry, they cry, they laugh, they try to communicate with us, they are disappointed, they are grateful. And when they are abused, they fight back. As IFEEL explains: “If someone abused or hurt you, you would protect yourself, wouldn’t you? It’s the same with animals. The only reason they don’t retaliate for all the abuse they are put through is because their abusers have all the vicious tools to keep them locked up, torture them and murder them with cruel efficiency. Take that technology away and some crazy things would happen in the world. You will hear about that in my song Naked Man.”

The album will cover a whole spectrum of animal experiences, thoughts and feelings. There is an angry song We Goin to War, which animals are singing to their abusers as they decide to stand up and fight. There is an emotional, feel-good song Thank You in which animals show gratitude to all the people who help them, love them and care for them. Then there is Welcome to The Farm, a hard-hitting song which leads the listener through a clever story of a farmer Old MacDonald, who ends up in a factory farm as an animal – guided by his conscience, Mr. Fears. In I Remember, IFEEL shares an emotional letter to his dog Flash. There are stories of triumph, freedom, loss, happiness, anger, love and pain.

This Is Why I Do It is a debut video from the upcoming album. It sums up why IFEEL makes music: “I do it cos it’s so damn easy to kill / breed it, feed it, cut it, ship it, serve a happy meal / I do it cos they steal em, beat em, breed em and bleed em / treat em like trash, throw em away when they don’t need em. “

One part of the video was shot on a unique location: inside a cold, dark nuclear fallout shelter, symbolizing the “safest” and one of the most feared places for humans. Many animals are forcibly held in places that are also cold, dark and far away from life. However, they are totally unsafe, unprotected and brutally butchered there. From there, their cries cannot be easily heard.

The video also shows that hip-hop can stay true to its original cause and act as a catalyst for positive change and not be inspired by “fame & bitches” as it often is these days.

Artist: IFEEL
Song: Why I Do It
Directed by:
Shot by Deni Zgonjanin
Music produced by Freek Van Workum
Recorded and mixed by Andrej Loncaric

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Video on YouTube: http://youtube/WPo1JS83irw

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